We live in a world where the definition for the word career keeps changing. It has been defined as many things. The same exists for the terms Career Development. Career Development is the process of growing through and learning throughout life. It is about working towards the goal of creating the life that one wants to live. This is a continual process. 

Continuing onto your career can bring you through some unpleasant employment. All people experience setbacks. Some get terminated from their places of employment. When this happens, there is a career interruption. The longer this interruption lasts, the less chance we have of returning to our career aspirations. However, there are good ways to get back on track. Here are some suggestions:  

1.  Reset your Employment Priorities…To do this, decide what work you want to do, where you will work, how you will work, and who you will work for.(Who, What, When, Where, and How)

2.  Unless you will be self-employed, develop a list of employers of interest to you.

3.  Research each employer and document your findings in a journal. Try to know the history of the company and who the CEO is.

4.  Learn the individual attributes of each employer’s firm that you may work for in your future. Get to know what most of the employee positions are titled as.

5.  Learn all the desired skills that the potential future employer requires of an employee. If you lack a few of the skills, don’t worry but make an effort to get some work experience in those areas.

6.  Volunteering to gain some of the skill experience is a great idea. Only volunteer when the skill coaching is available or the experience can be developed to enhance your skills.

7.  Return to school if it is possible. Continuing your education is one of the best things you can do. You may have to do this in a lot of cases and a good way would be to take some On-line courses for credit towards a credential.

There are a lot of counselling services available so that all of suggestions can be discussed. Afterwards, it is all up to you. Decide now to begin on a new path in continuing your career or getting on board. Well good news…You have come to the right place.