Destination New Start


 Founder & Co-Founder

Reginald Donel


Nicholas Mamounas

Originally, the concept that has become the website was birthed through these lines of thought. It all began to unfold due to a College Course Assignment which required each student to pretend various Career Paths by fictitiously role playing scenarios within those paths. It planted seeds in our heads & hearts about addressing the challenges of improving life on a daily basis. We began to ascertain specific areas of common need including alternatives for Homelessness & Un-Employment.

Being humbled regularly throughout life, we’ve had to start over again numerous times. Somehow, there have always been ways provided for us to bounce back. As we have matured, we began to realize that recovery during those seasons in our lives have been due to the core of individuals who encouraged and mentored us back within good graces. We all need a place and a system to help us rebound. This is what motivated us to begin the Destination New Start website.

Another line of thought as I (Reginald Donel) was beginning to mention earlier, is Pre-Destination. This all began earlier than my College Campus Courses. A supervisor from a job I was working introduced me to a Christian Radio Station which played throughout the course of my work-day. A Christian Philosopher taught the concept of Pre-Destination throughout the Radio Segments. Due to this, I have adopted the philosophy that humanity is pre-destined to start over again and again in order to fulfill what our creator purposed for each of us collectively & individually. I believe that it has been proven throughout history, that History is repeated negatively when we don’t get things right or the way our creator purposed them to be. Getting things right has an evolution to it and this is what the website is all about.